Business Process Management


İş Süreçleri Yönetim Sistemi

(Business Processes Management System)

Business processes management system of inter-Vision platform, inter-Rota+ has been designed to fully automatize and manage the inter-functional processes efficiently by organizing people, documents and applications based on Business Processes Management (BPM).

Business processes management system, inter-Rota+, is based on logical elements such as process modelling, application integration, process analytics and management of rules. inter-Rota+ manages the cycle of a process starting from its description until its application, constantly follows it up and measures it for reorganizations. inter-Rota+, which developed by Intertech, makes it possible for companies to integrate analytic, social and mobile Technologies with processes and make the business operations smart.

Features of Intertech Business Processes Management System inter-Rota+;

  • Designing visual and functional process,
  • Integrated, strong language of expression,
  • Parametric business flow design,
  • Strong business rules management systems,
  • Business control and visibility providing high efficiency,
  • Integration with all distribution channels,
  • Problem-free standard service level provided through all distribution channels,
  • Structure to manage process changes in line with the legal requirements,
  • Strong reporting,
  • Process monitoring and source follow-up,
  • Standardizing the business process in an offline mode at every stage and making their follow-up easy

İş Gücü Yönetim Sistemi

(Work Force Management System)

inter-WFM, work force management system of inter-Vision platform, saves time and reduces cost by providing the use of limited sources at an optimum level while managing busy and complicated business processes within the Work Force Management of source planning.

inter-WFM, work force management system developed by Intertech is a timing solution based on optimization techniques that assigns a series of jobs to employees with varying levels of specialty to take SLA actions within the determined completion periods for different business processes. Businesses to be conducted may be prioritized based on customer type, transaction type, transaction amount, urgency status and SLA. It calculates the number of employees that should be assigned to the business pools and presents detailed business-employee assignment. Full and intuitive optimization that is distributed offers a lot more than the current rule-based solutions in the market with its techniques.

Features of Intertech Work Force Management System, inter-WFM;

  • It is managed automatically including approver, central operation and branch operation based on business lines and work processes
  • With strong workload management, businesses are assigned to an employee who is available given the competence criteria
  • Categorization of the profiles of employees are described within the system with in-system profile description
  • Work rules are defined in the system, as a part of the role-based authorization and pre-described business rules, only authorized persons may process certain tasks
  • Manual intervention and external phone communication needs are eliminated
  • Jobs to do are prioritized according the type/segment of the customer, type and amount of the job, urgency and determined completion periods (SLA).
  • It calculates the accurate number of personnel to be assigned to each work pool and at the same time optimizes the efficient management of the resource.
  • Performance Premium system together with the performance systems integration are fed by the outputs produced by this structure
  • Jobs that have been realized by the related departments are evaluated, and are determined according to the level setting methodology.
  • Users are determined by profiling methodology
  • Efficiency increase is supported by common screen that provides the performance follow-up
  • Performances may be monitored instantly in terms of manager’s screen and pool employee


(Customer Loyalty and Campaign Management Tool)

Customer loyalty and campaign management tool of inter-Vision platform, inter-OnlineCRM is an automatic campaign management system that describes special offer for bank’s customers and creates communication through multi-channels such as SMS, e-mail, call center, branch, online branch, mobile applications, ATM, IVR, IVN, Q-matic and Teller TV.

Thanks to inter-OnlineCRM, customers can sign up for campaigns through different channels such as online Banking, ATM, call center, mobile applications or SMS. With customer loyalty and campaign management tool inter-OnlineCRM, portfolio managers may view their customer campaigns on customized management screens and may enter campaign records or sell products.

Features of Intertech Customer Loyalty and Campaign Management Tool, inter-OnlineCRM;

  • Quick and easy campaign description,
  • Customized messages through communication channels,
  • Automatic awarding or un-awarding processes,
  • Simulation and test functions,
  • Award and communication restrictions,
  • Budget management,
  • Participation in the campaign through different channels,
  • Reporting and monitoring,
  • Creating collective and online campaigns,
  • Considering the contact preference of customers for marketing purposes,
  • User-friendly design,
  • Setting target mass by providing script variability or within the framework of certain scripts,
  • Ability for portfolio managers to view customer campaigns and enter company records through customized management screens

Doküman Yönetim Sistemi

(Document Management System)

Document management system of inter-Vision platform, inter-DMS, manages the storage of documents in a digital media, indexing them safely and accessing them online. Developed by Intertech, inter-DMS provides various electronic and automatic options for finding information and distributing documents.

inter-DMS helps the efficient use of limited sources by automating tasks related with document viewing, electronic forms, document delivery, searching, forwarding documents with process, creating special portals for personnel and customers. It is suitable for use for all Banking transactions and business processes.

Features of Intertech Document Management System, inter-DMS;

  • Transferring documents to the system by scanning them or adding them from the computer archive
  • Easy search for a document registered in the system according to certain filtering criteria with document search feature,
  • Automatic archiving of documents that are bı actively used within certain rules,
  • Versioning same type of documents for a customer with document versioning feature,
  • Easy authorization with document authorization with user-based adding, updating, deleting, viewing, editing, downloading, printing,
  • Recognizing and easily differentiating documents such as receipt and check produced by a system with OCR and scanned collectively,
  • Recognizing barcoded documents and transferring it automatically to the system,
  • Recording, reporting missing document information for the customer and in case missing documents are not completed, applying sanctions,
  • Questioning and adding documents through web services,
  • Accessing and managing documents added to the system more easily by storing them in the center
  • Access to documents registered in the system with an access from everywhere from inter-Vision platform,
  • Access to documents registered in the system via online access by authorized personnel at any time,
  • Storing documents added to the system with confidentiality and follow-up in encrypted servers and logging every transactions made on the server,
  • Accessing the same document from a single point by personnel working on the same job in different departments and

Müşteri Talimat Yönetim Sistemi

(Customer Order Management System)

Customer order management system of inter-Vision platform, inter-MICO created more efficient work environment for branches by centralizing the workload to minimize the order operation workload in branches. It is a simple and fast management system that ensures the monitoring, entering and submitting all orders in a safe banking environment.

With the customer order management system inter-MICO, bank portfolio managers and operation staff send all orders coming from customers to the center through the flow with minimum information, including operational workload for transaction such as transaction confirmation and signature control is transferred to the center.

Features of inter-MICO, Intertech Customer Order Management System

  • Monitoring orders,
  • Having faxes that are sent to the branch fax directly on the branch screen thanks to BPM fax integration,
  • Submitting the transaction to operation by opening the order that arrives by fax on the same screen,
  • Submitting the order received via phone to operation,
  • Submitting the order received via e-mail to operation,
  • Submit the original version of the order to operation,
  • Pricing for transactions that require pricing,
  • Realizing investment transactions of a customer with a single step,
  • Forwarding the desired transactions of the customer determined by customer management parameter to the center,
  • Minimizing operational transactions,
  • Easy use and guidance,
  • User-friendly design

Kredi Bürosu Soruşturma Sistemi

(Credit Bureau Query System)

Credit bureau query system of inter-Vision Platform, inter-CBI realizes Credit Bureau queries easily and automatically within the scope of management of business processes. Boosting the Credit Bureau query with management of business flow processes, Intertech credit bureau query system inter-CBI saves you time and money as well as better risk management.

Intertech credit bureau query system inter-CBI is universal and supports Turkey, Austria, Germany and Russia Credit Bureau agencies.

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