Customer Relationship Management

Müşteri Yönetim Sistemi

(Customer Management System)

Customer management system of inter-Vision platform, inter-Pusula, has been designed to generate solutions to determine current and potential customers, understand customized commercial needs of customers.

A comprehensive Customer Information Management solution, inter-Pusula, provides close circuit customer insight management and transforms the operational personnel into well-equipped, organized sales force.

Customer management system, inter-Pusula, provides operational control with unique customer and contact definitions and works in relation with customer management to feed analytic CRM with quality data.

Features of Intertech Customer Management System inter-Pusula;

  • Flexible architecture that supports customers and contacts of all business lines,
  • Customized service options across all channels of distribution,
  • Central management to protect the strategic consistency in their marketing communications,
  • Customer segmentation, profiling and measuring customer tendency facilitates providing consultancy services that meet the needs of the customer the best,
  • Monitoring customer orders, processes, documents, service problems and customer history on a single platform,
  • Controls to improve the quality of customer data,
  • MERNIS and KPS integrations for the verification of citizenship number,
  • Blacklist control integration for anti-money laundering (AML),
  • Single storage for customer, contact, portfolio management,
  • Flexible management,
  • Easy integration with 3rd party applications,
  • Web based n-tier architecture,
  • Minimizing error with the warning system in faulty entries

360° Müşteri Yönetim Paneli

(360° Customer Management Panel)

360° customer management panel of  inter-Vision platform, inter-Customer, ensures the viewing of any information on customers such as customer information, warnings, product sales revenue etc.

It has modern design, personalization support, multilanguage option and user-friendly design.

Features of inter-Customer, Intertech 360° Customer Management Panel

  • Support by CRM strategies,
  • Analytic, efficient and fast structure,
  • Proactive services for customers,
  • Easy management of sales and operational efficiency,
  • Scalability and flexible structure,
  • Access to all customer information from a single screen by using the related business segment,
  • Monitoring sales and sales opportunities with a single action,
  • Monitoring all information on customer such as assets, cash flow, communication channels, profitability, etc. through a single platform,
  • Customizing according to the customer’s business line

Analitik Müşteri İlişkileri Yönetimi

(Analytic Customer Relations Management)

Analytic Customer Relations Management application of inter-Vision platform, inter-AnalyticalCRM, provides the determining of right sales and communication strategies to identify products and services that may attract customers. In this process, large marketing data centers including behavioral and demographic features of the customer are created. Various marketing and modelling techniques are used on these data center to create solutions.

Features of Intertech Analytic Customer Relations Management, inter-AnalyticalCRM

  • Breaking down customers into appropriate segments and ensuring the development of strategies that fit their own clusters,
  • Presenting extra products for current customers or activating non-active customers through additional sales,
  • Presenting the next best product according to the order of products customer has bought,
  • Calculating the churn possibilities for a customer and thus applying strategies to avoid losing the customer according to the customer’s value,
  • Aiming to recommend the customer the right product from the right channel at the right time and activating the campaign lists with optimization methods,
  • Calculating the life cycle of the customer to help distinguish valuable customers,
  • Identify customer behaviors and needs with AI algorithms that work on instant data and produce the most efficient campaign-marketing actions,
  • Using text mining and natural language processing methods on social media data,
  • Making emotional analysis on comments on company and products,
  • Analyzing data on the text and network on social media,
  • Distinguishing customers that will have good or bad performance with real time application throughout the sales process of risky products,
  • Aiming to increase the volume and use of products that customers currently use, as different from the new product sales,
  • Presenting extra products to current customers or activating non-active customers with additional sales,
  • Creating campaign model and lists,
  • Using history information, tendencies and profiles of customers while building campaign models,
  • Distinguishing good customers (non-risky) and bad customers (risky) with real time applications throughout the sales process of risky products

Rol Bazlı Yönetim Paneli

(Role-based Management Panel)

Role based management panel of inter-Vision platform, inter-Dashboard, helps users create their business plan during the day via its interactive features by taking into account the job responsibilities of the users. Role-based management panel, inter-Dashboard, saves time with its easy use.

Developed by Intertech, inter-Dashboard, presents daily performance, market information and pending tasks on a single screen in panels prepared for administrative roles.

Features of Intertech Role Based Management Panel, inter-Dashboard;

  • Portfolio manager, paydesk, back office, branch manager, region back office manager, regional sales manager, head office and regional manager, loans, human resources role based management panels,
  • Monitoring targets from portfolio manager panel, viewing actions required to reach the target and reaching the target customer mass instantly,
  • Reaching the customer with a single button thanks to the integration of the portfolio manager panel into the phone system,
  • Managing the status of transactions pending approval or transactions awaiting approval in the portfolio manager panel on the same screen,
  • Accessing customer information on the paydesk panel automatically to realize transactions without losing time,
  • The paydesk panel facilitates sales process for paydesk staff automatically according to the business level of branches,
  • Informing the personnel when there are things missing on the customer side such as missing documents,
  • Providing the operational job of a back office manager from a single screen easily,
  • Providing follow-up by the operation manager on critical tasks such as cards waiting to be distributed in the branch, customers in legal follow-up, promissory notes to be protested, insurance policies to be renewed,
  • Receiving warnings such as branch business, status of branch ATMs, pending transfer transactions instantly,
  • Providing follow-up by the branch manager of all branch status in general terms or in terms of portfolio managers instantly and creating daily planning,
  • Approving transaction approvals pending on the manager through the panel easily,
  • Follow-up and management by the regional operation manager of all operation of branches reporting to him/her,
  • Structure that enables easy monitoring of portfolio details of the regional operation manager,
  • Monitoring by regional sales manager of all branches reporting to him/her in terms of branch and portfolio to follow up the daily status and regional performance,
  • Follow-up of target for products to sell and how far they are to the target and helping shape the strategies,
  • Communication sales teams on a single platform,
  • Taking managerial decisions by head office and regional manager viewing the status of sales and operations teams on a single panel,
  • Monitoring Head Office and regions’ loans,
  • Presenting data such as limit, risk, NPL, credits that are at day count in a single front end with graphs,
  • Management of data such as norm staff, training, leave by HR in a panel where data on HR are presented

Kampanya Optimizasyon Aracı

(Campaign Optimization Tool)

Campaign optimization tool of inter-Vision platform, inter-CampaignOpt is an application facilitating the development customer-based campaign optimization strategies for financial institutes.

It boosts customer satisfaction with its customer segmentation and prioritized communication channel preferences. inter-CampaignOpt eliminates conflicts and lack of communication cases using developed communication strategies.

Features of Intertech Campaign Optimization Tool, inter-Campaign;

  • Increasing the control on campaign management,
  • Managing restrictions, targets, preferences and campaign budget.
  • Preventing unplanned and contradictory communication,
  • Presenting segmentation-based channel prioritization,
  • Deciding which products may be presented to which customers from which channel by understanding customer behaviors and tendencies with data mining and statistical models,
  • Increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty
  • User-friendly design

Müşteri Şikayet Yönetim Sistemi

(Customer Complaint Management System)

inter-Complaint is the customer complaint management system of inter-Vision platform. Complaint, request, recommendation, satisfaction management are easily ensured through inter-Complaint.

Complaint process may be started through notifications coming over Web/online banking, social media, communication center, branch, official institutes (i.e. BRSA), e-mail. Customer can be directly notified via e-mail, mail, SMS or letter for issues that are solved during the evaluation stage. For unresolved issues, opinion is received from the related department to guide the process into flow again. Thanks to integrations that could be made with the banking system, there are options available such as cancellation or refund of the transaction.

Features of Intertech Customer Complaint Management System, inter-Complaint

  • Multichannel integration based on web services thanks to its open architecture (i.e. branch, email, web form, online branch, Facebook, communication center)
  • Strong and easy-to-use interface that includes all data at every stage of the complaint to ensure strong communication with customer
  • Follow-up of customer notifications and process details.
  • Parametric management of SMS/email drafts,
  • Complaints may be grouped as main and sub-topics and could be managed as parametric without needing any IT support
  • Repayment request diversity may be managed by creating records for multiple complaints on a single notification
  • Complaint/recommendation/satisfaction/requests may be followed up from a single platform
  • Quick feedback and service level may be followed up with customer-based process design
  • Feedback may be reported in a sophisticated manner to ensure effective business follow-up
  • It is possible to create complaint/recommendation/request records to assign them to the related department
  • Automatic informing can be realized at every stage of a record subject to notification

Müşteri Bilgilendirme Sistemi

(Customer Notification System)

Customer notification system of inter-Vision platform, inter-Notification, provides the management of customer communication from a single point and recording traces of previous communication records and contents. Customer notification system, inter-Notification, works integrated with all modules of inter-Vision platform. Customer information system developed by Intertech, inter-Notification, makes customized definitions for customers by working integrated with campaign management platform.

Features of Intertech Customer Notification system, inter-Notification;

  • Infrastructure that is suitable for integrating with the desired module,
  • Customizable draft structure,
  • Supporting SMS, e-mail, fax, push notification and customized types of notification,
  • Single and batch notification capability,
  • Prioritization management,
  • Scalable performance structure
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