Data Mining and Business Intelligence


Kârlılık ve Verimlilik Takip Sistemi

(Profitability and Efficiency Follow-up System)

Profitability and efficiency follow-up system of inter-Vision platform, inter-Vera, ensures to view the whole financial framework within a quick, flexible and reliable analysis structure.

Profitability and efficiency follow-up system, inter-Vera, was designed by Intertech as a measurement and evaluation tool to guide an authorized user at every stage from transaction or product-based pricing to customer-based pricing.

inter-Vera ensures monitoring customer group information, product volumes, profits and operating expenses on the basis of portfolio managers, branches, regions, scopes of activity and even whole bank. Profitability and efficiency follow-up system, inter-Vera, aims to develop efficient and consistent relations with customers based on measurable information within a growing organization, managing issues such as cost management and profitability more easily.
inter-Vera can create a detailed cost – income report that shows how much profit is generated from a product, non-interest income information, operating expenses etc. as well as the cumulative volume and efficiency monitoring.

Features of Intertech Profitability and Efficiency Follow-up System, inter-Vera;

  • Multilanguage support,
  • Flexible product structure,
  • Channel and transaction-based cost calculation,
  • Sensitive cost measurement,
  • Efficiency and profitability viewing in different levels,
  • Trend monitoring by accessing current and past data from a single platform,
  • Detailed Cost – Income reports,
  • Quick and easy integration,
  • Providing data security with different authority levels,
  • Archiving,
  • Web-based, n-tier architecture,
  • Viewing summary and detailed data on a single platform,
  • Increasing consistency with consolidated data,
  • Active cost management,
  • Easy to use,
  • Detailed monitoring screens

Yönetim Bilgi Sistemleri

(Management Information Systems)

Management information system of inter-Vision platform, inter-MIS, is a tool set that works through Microsoft OLAP services with the purpose of viewing the mission of the organization. Due to its easy integration, inter-MIS, may automatically create a report based on new data. inter-MIS provides maximum efficiency from reports by ensuring the most accurate data through its variable structure.

inter-MIS is capable of providing high level analysis based on daily and past product use with its top-to-bottom accurate data access to ensure maximum benefit in levels varying from portfolio, branch, branch type, region and whole bank. Thus, information needed by the bank becomes available at every level.

Features of inter-MIS, Intertech Management Information System,

  • Monitoring accounts at branch, product branch and MIS branch breakdown,
  • Flexible product structure,
  • Reporting in TL and FX,
  • Reporting in different periods (daily, monthly, periodical, cumulated),
  • Microsoft OLAP solution,
  • Multilanguage support,
  • Transfer to easy excel file format,
  • Viewing actual, budget and realization rates, interest and yields on a single platform,
  • Access to summary and detailed information from a single platform,
  • Monitoring budget realization trend with the follow-up of data in different periods,
  • Customizing reports with OLAP reports,
  • Four different report breakdown (Balance Assets-Liability-Interest Income-Expense Report, Non-Interest Income, Off-Balance Sheet-Items Report, Non-Interest Expenses Report, Ratio-Summary Report)

Finansal Veri Ambarı

(Financial Data Warehouse)

Financial data warehouse application of inter-Vision platform, inter-DWH, was developed to facilitate right decision making at all times with its global financial data model and flexible design as a result of long-term experiences.

Financial data warehouse application, inter-DWH, is a solution developed to improve data management, conduct collecting reporting and instant query and feed the business intelligence layer. It creates a centralized data source for intuitive analytic media by carrying the collective reporting and instant query processes to Data Warehouse resources, at the same time, it allocates a platform that is highly realizable for online financial transactions.
Statistical and analytic results can be shared in integration with data mining programs and Business Intelligence solutions like Microsoft Analysis Serve where multidimensional data analyses (OLAP), static and instant queries can be made.

Information received from a single data source is fed back to financial transactions layer in order to create well-equipped sales force for quality service level that meets the needs of customers at the best level by benefiting from storage techniques and data mining facilities. Additionally, with its multilayered structure inter-DWH can meet the demands such as general report, temporary query, analytic reporting and trend analysis very quickly.

Features of Intertech Financial Data Warehouse, inter-DWH;

  • Global financial data model,
  • Centralized single data source,
  • Flexible design,
  • Developed data management,
  • Collective reporting and instant query feature

Yeni Nesil Raporlama Aracı

(New Generation Reporting Tool)

New reporting tool of inter-Vision platform, inter-inSight, creates a report based on total data formed by shifting data of various operational systems to less costly resources on a media where parametric report definitions are possible. These reports are accessible through web-based front end.

Working on Microsoft SQL Server through.NET platform, inter-inSight, presents users with all operational and MIS-related reports in a quick and intervention-free way, without IT intervention.

Features of inter-inSight, Intertech New Generation Reporting Tool;

  • Planned report automation,
  • Customized reporting,
  • Data views according to the needs of users,
  • Report designing and planning facility by a manager together with Parametric Report Designer,
  • Data transfer format options,
  • User-friendly design and easy use

Satış Ağacı

(Sales Tree)

Sales tree application of inter-Vision platform, inter-SalesTree, is a structure where all services and products sold by all business lines are positioned within a hierarchy. Application, opening, sales and activation definition of products and services subject to this sales are defined in a common language with this structure for the whole institute.

Products and services subject to sales in line with definitions are evaluated with different variables and a value point common for everybody is created.

Features of inter-SalesTree, Intertech Sales Tree;

  • Monitoring and following up sales online in a common definition language,
  • Instant monitoring of sales of all products and services of the banks,
  • Monitoring the sales number on an instant, daily, periodical and retrospective basis in terms of channel, registry, branch and region,
  • Following up application, opening, activation and cancellation information of sales and services instantly or within ranges of desired dates,
  • Differentiating value points on a channel basis,
  • Defining and/or changing new products and all variables parametrically according to the authority levels within the entire structure

Yasal Raporlama Seti

(Legal Reporting Set)

inter-Regulatory is the legal reporting set of inter-Vision platform. Legal authorities may request more detailed and analytic reports over time in line with the changing technologies, inter-Regulatory was developed by Intertech to create the fastest and most accurate reporting for these demands.

With a flexible and parametric structure, inter-Regulatory, was developed to generate all reports on a digital media. These features facilitate the development of new request in a short period. About eight thousand reports are generated annually on a daily, monthly, quarterly basis for CBRT, BRSA, Risk Center, Banks Association and other legal authorities. inter-Regulatory is used in Germany and Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus other than Turkey.

Features of Intertech Legal Reporting Set, inter-Regulatory;

  • Very fast navigation among reports
  • Single platform for daily, monthly, quarterly and annual reports
  • Excel user frontface
  • Help document with current data
  • Cross checks among reports
  • “Drill-down” possibility
  • Report preparation in BRSA format by pushing a single button
  • Preventing the sending of reports that include cross error
  • Making sure that a report that is sent to BRSA is generated by the system
  • Archiving reports that are sent in Observation data warehouse
  • Access to past reports and data
  • Graphic presentation of data
  • Trial Balance Sheet and Customer Accounts corrections
  • Rounding corrections
  • Approval fields
  • Logging
  • Reflecting corrections to reports right away
  • No operational dependency, tasks may be operated again by the user
  • Reducing the time spent for preparing the report
  • Controlled and auditable work flow
  • Real time monitoring of cross check results

Kara Para Aklamayı Önleme Sistemi

(Anti-Money Laundering System)

Anti-money laundering system of inter-Vision platform, inter-AML, presents the definition of own rules of institutes through their data center to identify suspicious transactions with its parametric infrastructure. With rule-based mechanics developed by Intertech, it is an efficient solution in anti-money laundering.

Features of Intertech Anti-Money Laundering System, inter-AML;

  • Parametric data infrastructure,
  • Quick search algorithm in text fields (full text search),
  • Flexible rule management and result tracking,
  • Network analysis and follow-up,
  • Alarm management,
  • Query formation tool,
  • User-friendly design

Dış Suistimal Yönetimi

(External Fraud Management)

External fraud management product of inter-Vision platform, inter-Fraud, is an end-to-end solution developed to identify fraud transactions which contains all the required functions.

Working integrated with all common transaction channels (online banking, mobile banking, ATM, POS, branch etc), inter-Fraud makes it possible for institutes to monitor all the risky transactions that are realized. inter-Fraud, which is developed by Intertech, enables preparing risky transaction scripts within minutes and operation teams may take very quick actions by monitoring the transactions.

Features of inter-Fraud, Intertech External Abuse Management product:  

  • End-to-end solution for institutes
  • Synchronicity and asynchrony transaction checks,
  • Detailed script definition (from the same screen for all channels)
  • Various action definition for scripts
  • Automatic notifications for transactions: sms, email and IVN
  • Blacklist and Whitelist definition
  • Supporting financial and non-financial transactions
  • Making queries on the past transaction data
  • Supporting organizational needs: Authorization, Task Pool, assigned task management
  • Web-based monitoring and management screens
  • Developed reporting tools
  • Notifications for operation teams
  • Structure that is easily integrated into new channels
  • Shaping easily according to the number of operation team
  • Quickly reacting to fraud cases
  • Monitoring tools that are easy to use
  • Saving time and resources with automatic script and actions

İç Suistimal Yönetimi

(Internal Fraud Management)

Internal fraud management product of inter-Vision platform, inter-InternalFraud is an end-to-end solution prepared to identify fraud transactions realized within the finance institute. It makes sure that the fraud cases are monitored by analyzing it within the triangle of staff, customer and transaction and putting forward the relation between them. Also, it supports the quick integration of data sources and operating scripts with rule sets in order to identify newly-encountered cases.

Features of inter-InternalFraud, Intertech Internal Abuse Management product;

  • End-to-end solution for the organization,
  • Identifying abnormality based on transaction, customer and personnel thanks to smart algorithms,
  • Link analysis screens to monitor  360 degree relation
  • Maximizing flexibility with parametric data sources
  • Defining scripts with rule sets
  • Uploading lists on the system to be used in scripts
  • Making detailed evaluations on cases
  • Informing related teams within the application
  • Web-based monitoring and management screens
  • Identifying the most risky case quickly thanks to smart algorithms
  • Monitoring the use easily and management screens

Müşteri Değerleme Sistemi

(Customer Evaluation System)

Customer evaluation system of inter-Vision platform, inter-CES, collects the customer evaluation and credit allocation processes, which are a part of credit application and allocation as a whole, under the same roof.

Through the customer evaluation system, inter-CES, while the entry of information, such as all intelligence, financial data, memzuc, all partnership regarding the company, group, group partnership, capital and asset details is easily handled, automation makes it possible to generate customer evaluation report and allocate credit.

inter-CES, which developed by intertech, provides agility in the credit allocation process so that credit allocation may be realized multiple times as long as the evaluation report of a single customer is applicable without needing to generate a new report.

Customer evaluation report enables the user to view the entire profile on a single platform under the following headings evaluation summary, intelligence information, risk analysis, company background and activity information, detailed asset information, trade receivable and debt information, detailed MEMZUC, relations with bank-finance institutes, financial data information, rating calculations and interactions.

Inter-CES, is capable to generate reports for customer who wish to get more limit outside of an automatic communique structure and limit recommendation structure or when there is a need for detailed evaluation. Credit allocation is realized in integrated structure after making sure that that related teams work on it.

Features of inter-CES, Intertech Customer Evaluation System;

  • Right evaluation suitable for customer based on Nace, segment, balance sheet information,
  • Automatic credit allocation in a single step with limit recommendation structure,
  • Automatic guidance to suitable steps based on the risk segment of the customer,
  • Quick adaptation possibility for SME specific evaluation systems such as KGF-KOSGEB,
  • Easy understanding with Visual intelligence,
  • Control without the user needing additional entry or making a transaction with intelligence automation,
  • Online integration with information sources such as GİB, Takbis, e-Rehin, Ministry of Agriculture
  • Automatic financial data corrections, transfer, adjustment transactions,
  • Analytic approaches with a structure that enables multiple rating calculations at the same time

Çalışan Teşvik Sistemi

(Working Incentive System)

Working incentive system of inter-Vision platform, inter-Incentive is a sales performance follow-up and measurement tool.

Transactions are easily handled with a sophisticated scoring system where those that meet certain performance criteria are awarded premium. Additionally, with its performance infrastructure branch marketing and branch operation employees can be measured monthly. It has been ensured that the systematic performance analyses of the premium is followed up with an online structure instantly by all users within certain periods.

By inter-Incentive, Intertech is aimed to enable product sales and services by all channels and users in an instant and transparent way by all employees using an infrastructure where products and services are positioned in an hierarchical order.

Features of inter-Incentive, Working Incentive System;

  • Following up and monitoring sales on a single sales evaluation platform online
  • Monitoring the sales of all products and services of the bank instantly
  • Following up the sales number based on registry, branch, region, sales scores and target/realizations on a daily, periodical and retrospective basis in monthly, quarterly, yearly terms
  • Following up the application, opening, activation and cancellation of sales products instantly/daily
  • Following up easily what products employees should focus more in line with business line and bank strategy and what products are needed to be sold/activated in order for branch/region target/realization to be at the desired level
  • Monitoring the after sales status of application that personnel sells and of products in the opening status
  • Products and/or services that are sold can easily be followed up
  • Easier sales status follow-up in these categories designed by taking into account the user experience
  • Monitoring category information and target/realization rates on a monthly basis retrospectively
  • Monitoring monthly target and realizations in the scorecard(product/service subject to target) for products determined based on a business line and title,
  • Easy measurement as to how far/close the personnel is to his/her target to earn premium

Risk Yönetimi Sistemi

(Risk Management System)

inter-Basel tool is credit, market and liquidity risk management tool of inter-Vision platform. inter-Basel application is developed to make Basel II and Basel III calculations which are the requirement of the banking regulations.

Features of inter-Basel, Intertech Risk Management System;

Capital Adequacy Calculations
Credit Risk and Market Risk calculations are made within the scope of Capital adequacy calculation.

Credit Risk:
Credit risk calculations are made within the scope of risk.

  • Subsidiary data integration,
  • Uploading control suitable with the data model during data uploading, warning mechanism
  • Consistency check between the uploaded data and subsidiary balance sheet
  • Reconciliation structure of Bank accounting system and acconting data
  • Facilitating data corrections before calculation, correction structure
  • Parametric management of variables used in calculation
    • CCF (Credit Conversion Factor)
    • Derivative product ad-on values
    • Elimination
    • Risk Weights
  • Calculations
    • Collateral distribution
    • Provision distribution
    • EAD calculation
  • Reporting calculation results
    • Receiving KR521 AS, KR521 UK reports upon the system
    • Reporting all data and calculation results, which are subject matter of calculation, through the reporting tool
    • Reporting Collateral distribution, EAD Calculations and Provision Distribution results upon OLAP cube structure with pivot table approach
    • Creating RS100AS, KN100AS, RT100AS, TM100AS and RK100YS Risk reports
    • Creating active report set.

Market Risk
Market risk calculations are carried out with standard approach method within the scope of market risk.

  • Creating the following 5 market risk reports in the relevant report form upon inter-Basel tool:
    • PR500 Interest rate analysis
    • PR502 Interest Rate Risk Analysis – Specific Risk Calculation (Standard Method)
    • PR503 Stock Positions Analysis
    • PR504 Currency Risk Analysis (Standard Method)
    • PR508 Option Risk Analysis
  • PR509AS – Calculation of Loan Value Adjustment report, reporting the details from the reporting application
  • Reporting all data that is subject matter of calculation and calculation results upon the reporting application.

Additional Reports

    • Creating SY530 Capital Adequacy Report,
    • Creating OZ530 Equity Report

Liquidity Risk Calculations
Liquidity Coverage Ratio and Net Stable Funding Ratio, created within the scope of BASEL III, calculations are carried out.

  • LK120HS and LK120AK Liquidity Coverage Ratio report are created.
  • Subsidiary data integration
    • Uploading control, warning mechanism suitable to data model when data uploading
    • Control on the coherence of the uploaded data and subsidiary balance sheet

Teftiş Yönetim Sistemi

(Internal Audit Management System)

“inter-Audit” internal audit management system is developed for the end-to-end follow up of all audit processes., inter-Audit application ,which is developed by Intertech, basically involves functions of customers’ audit planning, follow up of audit findings through the system, risk scoring, creating audit reports. Findings that need to be followed up within the institution following audit can be managed upon the application.

Features of Intertech’s Internal Audit Management System: inter-Audit;

  • Enables audit planning, task assigning and task monitoring screen for auditors,
  • Ensuring control in current audits with audit update / task approval structure
  • Ensuring control and approval of completed audits with branch audit finishing control structure,
  • Auditor task follow up structure;
    • Ensuring the instant entry of findings into the system from branch audit finding entry screen and ensuring that previous audits are monitored
    • With sampling structure, automatic generation of customer lists that will be audited with specific scenarios whenever requested,
    • With messaging structure, direct messaging with the selected responsible person – specific to the finding.
  • Defining new control points from the control point management screen and updating
  • While control is actually ended with deficiency follow up structure, ensuring the follow up of outstanding findings,
  • Reporting,
    • Creating audit score for branch with risk scoring structure
    • With audit report structure, ensuring document output of all findings, which are entered and requested to be included in report, in line with a specific format with one button.

İç Kontrol Sistemi

(Internal Control System)

With inter-InternalControl, inter-Vision platform’s internal control system, it is possible to assign and follow up branch controls (realized by branches internal control team) from one centre. With branches internal control system, entire internal control processes such as control point management, task assignment monitoring, task follow up, finding entry, scoring, creating audit report can be managed.

Features of Intertech’s Internal Control Application: inter-InternalControl:

  • Carrying out control element business planning from task assignment / monitoring screens
  • Ensuring control and update in current audits with task approval / task follow up structure
  • Task follow up structure
    • Instant entry of findings into the system from control follow up screen and monitoring previous controls,
    • With sampling structure, automatic generation of customer lists that will be controlled with specific scenarios whenever requested,
    • With messaging structure, direct messaging with the selected responsible person – specific to the finding.
  • Defining new control points from the control point management screen and updating
    • Control point management
    • Improvement control point management
    • Fraud control point management
  • Defining control points that were defined from control point management screen with control point parameter matching screen as to the criteria set (customer type, product type, etc.) based on which they will appear on screen,
  • While control is actually ended with deficiency follow up structure, ensuring the follow up of outstanding findings,
  • Reporting
    • Creating control score for branch with risk scoring structure
    • With branches internal control report structure, ensuring document output of all findings, which are entered and requested to be included in report, in line with a specific format with one button.

TFRS 9 Provizyon Hesaplama Aracı

(TFRS 9 Provision Calculation Tool)

inter-Provision is the provision calculation application of the inter-Vision platform for stage 1, stage 2 and stage 3 according to TFRS 9 standards. With Intertech’s TFRS 9 provision calculation tool, inter-Provision, the BRSA adjustments that will become compulsory as of 01.01.2018 regarding provision calculations will be resolved easily.

Features of Intertech’s TFRS 9 Provision Calculation Tool inter-Provision;

  • Rule based management of risks that will be included in provision
  • Discounting risks that have cash flow for reporting periods
  • Including overdue and accrual amounts in different models within EAD calculation
  • Calculating effective interest rate that will be used in calculation of provision
  • Assigning parametric stage according to information such as number of overdue days, watchlist code, follow up status.
  • Assigning non-numerical stage
  • Assigning numerical stage
  • Assigning manual stage
  • Approval structure
  • Uploading external data
  • Uploading EAD data that is subject matter of calculation for subsidiaries
  • Segment and model based PD, LGD, CCF data uploading
  • Provision calculation
  • Provision calculation according to different models
  • Calculation of one-year provision
  • Calculation of life long provision
  • Calculation of provision with individual assessment and collective assessment approach for stage 3
  • Stage based provision report
  • Detailed EAD report for risks that are subject matter of calculation
  • OLAP reporting
  • Accounting integration

Performans Yönetim Sistemi

(Performance Management System)

inter-Target is the performance management system of inter-Vision platform. inter-Target helps you analyse performance results from portfolio management level to bank level.

With inter-Target, targets can be determined, deviations can be monitored and measures can be taken. Performance management with inter-Target involves setting the targets that will be beaten, grading performance against targets that are set and determining the overall aspects of future development activities in order to help exceed targets. The system can make personal development plans on a monthly and yearly basis. On the other hand calculations can be done by taking parameters such as exchange of information, return rate on product basis, etc. inter-Target allows banks to manage their corporate performance and makes it possible to keep performance at top level.

With a well-structured performance management system, an institution can understand its employees’ current performance situation and determine employees that contribute the most and the least. With its target based structure, inter-Target makes it possible for the management to assign targets at different levels at the bank. Thanks to its smooth integration with MIS platform, managers and senior persons can view what has been realized against targets assigned for each level.

Features of Intertech’s Performance Management System: inter-Target;

  • Performance management at all levels
  • Performance and development reviews
  • Monthly and annual personal development plans
  • Determining targets and performance standards
  • Easy measurement
  • Web-based, n-tier architecture

Aktivite Bazlı Maliyetlendirme Sistemi

(Activity Based Costing System)

inter-Vision platform’s activity based costing system, inter-ABC ensures the detection of transaction and channel based costs of the customer, department, business line and branch breakdown of detected costs and calculation of net profitability and efficiency. Furthermore, it arranges the distribution of costs to business lines in the most effective way thanks to its activity based cost structure.

Features of Intertech’s Activity Based Costing System: inter-ABC;

  • Calculating channel and transaction based costs,
  • Differentiating costs of urgent and late transactions from standard transaction costs,
  • More sensitive measurement of costs on department and business line basis and more efficient cost management
  • Being able to use with the purpose of net profitability calculation and efficiency,
  • Making transition for the costs of intra-branch transactions carried out between MIS branch and transaction branch,
  • Calculating the costs of transactions realized by customers based on the channel of transaction,
  • User-friendly design

Finansal Ajanda

(Financial Agenda)

inter-Vision platform’s electronic financial agenda application, inter-Agenda allows users to easily monitor customers’ daily cash flows, invoices that reached due date, service problems and account balances through one single platform. inter-Agenda was designed with 360 degree customer view theme in order for sales teams to serve customers with quality and one-to-one effective service flow.

Allowing integration with operational systems similar to inter-Vision for deposit renewals, inter-Agenda makes it possible to provide the fastest service to customers.

Features of Intertech’s Financial Agenda Application: inter-Agenda;

  • Following up customer account and movement information from one point,
  • Following up daily customer payment information,
  • Deposit renewal application integration,
  • Efficient follow up to keep customer’s information and documents up-to-date,
  • Easy integration,
  • User friendly easy to use design and monitoring screens,
  • Close follow up of customers targeting customer satisfaction.

Müşteri Değer Bazlı Mevduat Fiyatlama

(Customer Value Based Deposit Pricing)

inter-Vision platform’s customer value based deposit pricing application, inter-CLV/Deposit, has been developed to determine the values that customer created and will create for financial institutions and thus set the interest rate to be applied in deposit product.

Allowing the distribution of different funds to different customer groups since not all customers have equal profitability, inter-CLV/Deposit takes into consideration customers’ current and potential values.

Developed by Intertech, inter-CLV/Deposit intensively benefits from innovative data mining methods.

Features of Intertech’s Customer Value Based Deposit Pricing Tool inter-CLV/Deposit;

  • Takes into consideration the customers’ current and potential values,
  • Possibility to make customer value based pricing,
  • Possibility to expand the delegations of regional office and branch employees,
  • Fast deposit interest rate calculation,
  • Easy to use monitoring screens

Farklılık Yönetim Sistemi

(Discrepancy Management System)

inter-Vision platform’s discrepancy management system, inter-Distinct, takes into consideration the type of arrival of the documents and signature status. Through its parametric structure, it enables discrepancy management for documents, instructions, agreements and collaterals.

Developed by Intertech, inter-Distinct involves modules such as quota and penalty management, exception management on customer basis with respect to branches according to types of discrepancies. inter-Distinct runs in full integration with document management, workflow tools and user management panels.

Features of Intertech’s Discrepancy Management System: inter-Distinct;

  • Parametric infrastructure,
  • Exception management,
  • Quota and penalty management,
  • Integration with DMS, workflow tools and user management,
  • System control as to whether the flow will proceed optionally, on obligatory basis or with discrepancy,
  • Forwarding to Portfolio Managers and operations with different colouring and messages
  • Making customer based exception definition
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