May 4, 2018

 Major Event: A requests sent by the customer that the applied solutions has  re-opened  three times therefore not been accepted and thus escalated to the top management .

• Urgent Change: Changes that need to be made in case of urgent interference requirements due to a service interruption and/or usage problems for a wide range of users are considered under this group.

• Urgent Transfer: It is a transfer that operates with fast confirmation and information processes in situations where there is no time for very urgent readjustments and applications on the current flow because of the problem(s) and/or outrage(s) in the live environment.

• Complaint: Because of the assessment processes of an organization’s products, services or the complaints, it is an implicit or explicit expression for dissatisfaction about the organization where a response or a solution is expected. Source of Definition: ISO 10002: 2004

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