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February 6, 2018


Mobil Bankacılık Uygulaması

(Mobile Banking Application)

Mobile banking application of inter-Vision platform, inter-MobileBanking makes it possible for customers to realize all their banking operations on their smart phones. Thanks to inter-MobileBanking developed by Intertech, customers or non-customers of a bank or a financial institute can access banking services by downloading it from a store.

Features of Intertech Mobil Banking application, inter-MobileBanking;

  • Access to instant market update and exchange rates,
  • Closest ATM and branch information,
  • Easy access to campaign and product information,
  • Easy follow-up on future payments through agenda,
  • Easy money transfer,
  • Instant investment transactions,
  • Quick login through dot lock or e-password,
  • Single click to access to the contact center within the application
  • Security settings and contact information updates,
  • Instant deactivation of plastic cards in cases of loss or theft,(permanently/temporarily)

İnternet Bankacılığı Uygulaması

(Online Banking Application)

Online Banking application of inter-Vision platform designed for all business segments of a bank including both retail and corporate. inter-InternetBanking, developed by Intertech in line with the latest security standards, provides secure, fast and practical online banking services to customers. Thanks to its wide transaction portfolio, customers are able to carry out their transactions regardless of time and place without needing to visit a bank branch. inter-Internetbanking interfaces may be adapted to each company by using customized designs.

Features of Intertech Online Banking application, inter-InternetBanking;

  • Integrated channel support
  • Customized design
  • Award-winning smart menu feature supported by artificial intelligence algorithms
  • Wide range of transactions
  • Ability to enter and update information
  • Management of security preferences
  • Ability to provide corporate and retail online banking service through the same application
  • Easy follow-up with agenda feature,
  • Creating customized menus,
  • Easy to use with shortcuts,
  • CRM integration,
  • Real time help and chat

ATM Yönetim Sistemi

(ATM Management System)

ATM management system of inter-Vision platform, inter-ATM, has been designed to meet the needs of all ATM software solution from end-to-end. With its strong management, monitoring and terminal layers, inter-ATM has been designed by Intertech to be implemented and managed quickly.

Using latest Technologies and possessing highly developed interfaces, inter-ATM works “hardware-independent” in CEN/XFS standards. inter-ATM is fully integrated with campaign management solutions to increase the sales ratios of the financial organizations.
Companies using inter-ATM integrates the ATM management system with their structures easily thanks to its open and flexible infrastructure. inter-ATM meets the needs in any situation with its expandable, flexible structure whether companies has a small regional network or a large network working in multiple currencies and languages.

Thanks to XFS emulator it has, inter-ATM supports devices that do not use XFS standards as well and facilitates the use of same application in Kiosk and VTM (Video Teller Machines) as well as in ATMs.

Features of Intertech ATM Management System, inter-ATM;

  • Working independently of hardware, brand using CEN/XFS standards,
  • Strong parametric monitoring-management layer,
  • Easy implementation,
  • Web-based, n-tier architecture,
  • Campaign management integration,
  • Interactive transaction with Video Agent  (ATM & VTM),
  • Ability to realize a transaction in multiple languages, countries, currencies,
  • Rich transaction cluster ready for card and card-free use,
  • Strong user interface developed with Net and WPF technology,
  • Instant version control and automatic update of the application (Auto Deployment),
  • Remote key loading (RKL),
  • Integrated ATM transactions in tablet and mobile applications,
  • Compatibility with Kiosk, VTM / ITM (Video Teller Machine) and ATMs,
  • Compatibility with devices not using XFS standards,
  • Windows 7 and Windows XP support

İletişim Merkezi Uygulaması

(Communication Center Application)

inter-CallCenter communication center application provides an increase in customer satisfaction by presenting a unique customer experience by predicting their needs. Developed by using innovative technologies, the platform provides a considerable cost advantage by increasing communication center efficiency thanks to its easy-to-use interface developed by adopting a management panel approach, automatic processes and hundreds of types of transaction. Thanks to its open integration capabilities, it ensures that product, services sales through communication center, integrated with any campaign management application, and transforms the communication center into a profit center by removing its cost center role.

User interface developed by the dashboard approach, it automatically manages functions that could be accessed by users according to their roles, authorities and responsibilities. Users answer the incoming and outgoing calls from the same interface and can realize transactions with a single click. Guidance of customer representatives by standard texts and instant help facility while carrying out transactions. Customer representatives are also able to access all information through a single dashboard including the missing information, call history, previously recorded notes on the customer.

Thanks to the modern architecture approach in use, communication center application may work integrated with solutions such as IVR, IVR, Automatic Speech Recognition, Voice Signature, Voice Analytics etc.

Features of Intertech Communication Center Application, inter-CallCenter;

  • Realizing all information and transaction through a single panel,
  • Answering Incoming and Outgoing Call from the same screen,
  • Speech text support,
  • Preventing call mix-ups,
  • Voice recognition feature,
  • Speech Analytics infrastructure,
  • Grouping transactions on a product basis,
  • Easy guidance system with active coloring for customer profiles,
  • Quick search feature,
  • Security verification steps in different levels,
  • SMS verification feature,
  • IVR password verification

Elektronik Cüzdan Uygulaması

(Electronic Wallet Application)

inter-Wallet replaces physical wallets. Users may sign up for the application downloaded easily from Apple store or Google play regardless of being a bank customer or not, by entering the mobile phone number and ID number and start using the app immediately. Thanks to inter-Wallet, users may realize transactions such as money transfer, merchant payment, money withdrawal, utility bill payment etc, independently of time and place.

Various payment tools such as virtual wallet balance, account, credit card may be used during transactions. A user can carry out transaction by his/her favorite payment tool among all the payment tools.

Having been presented with a number of awards including “Mobile Banking Innovation”, “Best Customer Experience”, “Best Financial Service”, “Best Mobile Payment Platform”, inter-Wallet is currently one of the strongest examples supporting the concept called mobility.

Features of Intertech Electronic Wallet Application, inter-Wallet;

  • No Bank/financial institute dependency,
  • 24/7 money transfer,
  • Can describe and use payment tools such as virtual balance, bank account, credit card
  • Can make payment in merchants with QR code scan feature thanks to location-based, remote, beacon integration,
  • Can be used in e-commerce websites,
  • Money transfer to any one of the persons recorded in the mobile phone number or the phone,
  • Capability of making hands-free payment and making a payment within a limit without login to the application,
  • Money transfer and withdrawal with voice command,
  • Card-free money withdrawal from ATM,
  • Viewing past transactions and following up activities,
  • Single click access to support line,
  • Describing regular transfers,
  • Closest ATM location,
  • User-friendly design

Direk Satış Tablet Uygulaması

(Direct Sales Tablet Application)

inter-Origination/Tablet is the direct sales tablet application of inter-Vision platform. It ensures that all banking products such as credit card, retail loan, mortgage loan etc. are realized through tablet or smart phones with the minimum level of information of the bank field sales team.

Features of Intertech Direct Sales Tablet Application, inter-DSFTablet;

  • Facilitating making sales wherever customer is,
  • Reducing the training period of field sales teams; facilitating the employment of part time staff with minimum training,
  • Thanks to integrations made with systems such as core banking, customer database, easy to realize the sales of the product,
  • User-friendly interface,
  • Information obtained from the customer is kept subject to real time validation, which keeps erroneous data from entering system,
  • Integration with the map applications,
  • In products that require document, it  increases customer satisfaction and provides a competitive edge by taking photographs of documents and sending them to the related departments, answering customers more quickly,
  • Thanks to controls included in the structure, fraud attempts are detected at the beginning.

Tablet Pos Uygulaması

(Tablet POS Application)

Transforming a standard tablet into POS, inter-TabletPOS has been developed for merchants and mobile wallet users. Working in perfect compatibility with the electronic wallet application developed by Intertech, inter-TabletPOS provides convenience for both the end user and merchants.

The workplace that is able to view the name, phone number, hands-free payment preference of the customer and how far s/he is from it thanks to the Beacon technology can easily complete the payment transaction by entering the amount of transaction form a useful interface. It can also cancel, refund, follow up the activity details through the same interface as well as organize campaign and discounts for the promotion of products and services.

Features of Intertech Tablet POS Application inter-TabletPOS;

  • Can be used on tablets with IOS or Android operating system,
  • Integrated with iBeacon technology,
  • Listing according to the proximity with Beacon and collecting from these users,
  • Providing users with the ability to make payments through “HandsFree” method without even touching their phones,
  • Monitoring collections made through the electronic wallet system,
  • Easy cancellation option for electronic wallet transactions,
  • Reporting electronic wallet transactions,
  • Organizing campaigns,
  • User-friendly interface and design

Bütünleşik Kanal Yönetim Katmanı

(Integrated Channel Management Layer)

Integrated channel management layer of inter-Vision platform, inter-Fortuna is a solution developed for distribution channels of banking. It makes sure that banks provide the same level and quality service from every distribution channel with its SOA-based design.

It is both very quick and extremely easy to add new channels and services through the current technological infrastructure and developed business model of inter-Fortuna. Integrated channel management layer, inter-Fortuna, provides flexibility by identifying a single point to manage time restrictions, transaction limits and security parameters.

With its developed parametric structure and flexible integration, inter-Fortuna can easily adapt to current systems in your company. It provides reliable, uninterrupted and quickly service for 24/7.

Features of Intertech Integrated Channel Management Layer inter-Fortuna;

  • It supports all channels such as branch, online banking, ATM, call center, mobile banking, SMS banking, agency banking. Easy integration with systems such as core banking, customer relations management, work flow management, card management,
  • Channel, limit, security, transaction, parameter management from a single point
  • Campaign management solution integrations
  • Possibility to realize transactions among channels
  • Service-based architecture
  • N-tier architecture

Sms Bankacılığı Uygulaması

(SMS Banking Application)

SMS banking application of inter-Vision platform, inter-SMSBanking provides an access to banking products and services through SMS service provided by operators. While it is commonly used to receive information such as account balance, portfolio status etc., it is also possible for customers to make transactions such as money transfer, password creation etc. through SMS banking. The application is supported by all mobile telephone types.

Features of Intertech SMS Banking Application, inter-SMSBanking;

  • Parametric rule management,
  • Interface that provides the formation of easy SMS drafts,
  • Campaign management system integration
  • Multiple SMS line number support for the same company
  • Single/multiple keyword,
  • Instant detailed reporting tools,
  • Instant and easy access to banking product and services for 24/7

Şube Kuyruk Yönetimi

(Branch Queue Management)

Branch queue management application of inter-Vision platform, inter-Qmatic provides taking a queue number with a single click without visiting the branch and waiting in line.

inter-Qmatic saves great deal of time with the advantages it offers, and helps quicker conclusion of transactions. There is no obligation to be a bank customer to use inter-Qmatic. Designed by Intertech, inter-Qmatic prioritizes bank customers based on mobile phone number, T.R identity number, customer number or credit number.

inter-Qmatic lists the branches that are closest by detecting the customer’s location, informs the customer of how busy the selected branch is in advance, shows the address, describes address on the map, calls the branch which is wished to be called through voice call, gets a queue number with a single click without visiting the branch and informs how many minutes are left until his/her turn comes.

Features of Intertech Branch Queue Management, inter-Qmatic;

  • Listing the closest and farthest branch by detecting the location,
  • Getting a queue number with a single click without visiting the branch of preference,
  • Informing how busy the said branch is,
  • Informing how many minutes are left until his/her turn comes,
  • Directing the customer towards the branch address,
  • Making a sound call to the branch which is wished to be called with a single click

Mobil Sıra Alma Uygulaması

(Mobile Queue Number Application)

inter-MobileQmatic is a mobile application of inter-Vision platform to take a queue number. With inter-MobileQmaitic, users may enter their information such as ID, telephone number, card number or customer number regardless of being a bank customer or not and can easily get a queue number and can be prioritized according to their profile.

Detecting the location of the user, inter-MobileQmatic lists the branches that are closest to the user and shows how busy the branch is and thus the estimated waiting time. Users may get an address description on a map. Regardless of the current location, it is also possible to search a branch by its name and take a queue number with single touch.

Benefits of Intertech Mobile Queue Number Application, inter-MobileQmatic;

  • Reducing customer crowd waiting in branches by encouraging users to prefer less busy branches and making sure they come during the span of time that they know they are going to be served.
  • Saving time for the customer by ensuring that customers spends less time in the branch and in turn increasing the customer satisfaction.
  • Making sure that customers adding value to the bank are prioritized to realize their transactions by considering the value and profit-based segments of customer sin the bank.
  • Making sure that daily business level can be measures thanks to the spread use of mobile platform tool Qmatic.

Twitter Kredi

(Twitter Credit)

Twitter credit application of inter-Vision platform, inter-TwitterCredit, transforms the social media accounts into a credit application channel for the financial institutes. Developed by Intertech, inter-TwitterCredit differentiates the applications from social media as it is built on the direct message infrastructure of Twitter’ and facilitates special credit rates offers.

Features of Intertech Twitter Credit Application, inter-TwitterCredit;

  • Making a credit application through Twitter account regardless of being a company customer or not
  • 24/7 easy access and application,
  • Describing special campaigns,
  • User friendly interface and design,
  • Information explaining how an application can be made

Facebook Bankacılığı

(Facebook Banking)

A first in the world! Based on the obligation for banks to be present in channels their customers use, Intertech developed inter-FacebookBanking, the first social media banking application in the world, received the banking project of the year award from Banker in 2013, and distribution channel of the year innovation award from BAI in 2014. The Facebook banking application enables bank customers to access their account and card information from within the Facebook app, pay their credit card, charge pre-paid card; apply for a credit card or loan; send money to any one in their friends list.

Gifting feature of the inter-Facebook banking application is one of the good examples showing how social media and banking services may be used together. User can organize an event for a happy incidence such as marriage through the app and invite his/her Facebook friends to attend this organization; makes sure a gift is automatically bought with the money collected until a certain date and sent to the new couple.

Features of Intertech Facebook Banking Application, inter-FaceBookBanking;

  • Increasing customer satisfaction as banks reach their customers on social media,
  • Providing the management of both financial and social agenda,
  • Showing assets with graphical interfaces,
  • Sending money to all the friends list that are or are not the company customer,
  • Creating a gift organization, invitations with collective participation,
  • Monitoring spending habits and credit card information,
  • 24/7 easy access,
  • Making transactions with ease through user-friendly design without disconnecting from the social media
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