Financial Applications

February 5, 2018


Temel Bankacılık Sistemi

(Core Banking System)

Features of Intertech Core Banking System: inter-Face

  • Agility due to flexible product factory and parametric management
  • Modern design developed with state-of-the-art technologies
  • Easy integration with CRM, BPM, DMS and 3rd Party Systems
  • Web based, n-tier architecture
  • High accessibility
  • High performance
  • Thin Client and web based server layer
  • Scalable multi-layer architecture
  • Operating Process Management methodology
  • Parametric structure that is easily adaptable to new products
  • Standardized integration services for all distribution channels
  • High security
  • Modular structure
  • Online and flexible product workshop
  • Easy maintenance and management
  • 24/7 transactions
  • Multi-currency and multi-language

İslami Bankacılık Sistemi

(Islamic Banking System)

inter-IslamicBanking is the end-to-end Islamic banking system of inter-Vision platform, designed as per participation banking norms in Turkey. inter-IslamicBanking is a system that encompasses proxy system, controls goods and invoice control in transactions carried out and takes daily unit value as basis in profit sharing to depositors.

inter-IslamicBanking is a structure assisting entities that would like to establish Islamic banking other than conventional banking or that would like to grow in adapting to the system rapidly. It involves a structure that is both easily integrated and adaptable.

Features of Intertech Islamic Banking System: inter-IslamicBanking;

  • Unit value calculation
  • Profit
  • Setting profit ratio
  • Proxy – Dual Proxy
  • Invoice – proforma invoice
  • Fund pools
  • Business contracts
  • Corporate finance support (corporate murabaha)
  • Retail finance support (retail murabaha)
  • Profit and loss sharing (Musharaka)
  • Financial leasing (ijara)
  • Benevolent Loan (Qard-Al-Hassan)
  • Tawarruq
  • Private current account financing
  • Participation account
  • Sukuk
  • Wakala

Tüketici Finansman Sistemi

(Consumer Finance System)

Consumer finance system of inter-Vision platform, inter-ConsumerFinance covers application, allocation and utilization processes ensuring goods such as devices, hardware, accessories, cashier POS devices, white goods, electronic products, etc. sold via dealerships and internet are offered by credit.

The system ensures the automatic transfer of the proceedings from these credit sales to distributors and main dealerships, online and batch collection of credit repayment and closing transactions through invoice (via GSM operators) and other bank channels.

Features of Intertech Consumer Finance System: inter-ConsumerFinance;

  • Starting credit application from dealerships,
  • Automatic intelligence,
  • Scoring (integration with inter-ScoreCard or other scoring applications),
  • Automatic contract printing,
  • Integration with document management system,
  • Automatic credit limit allocation and lending options,
  • Equal-instalment and flexible repayment plans,
  • Restructuring,
  • Deferral,
  • Balloon payment,
  • Early and interim repayment,
  • Automatic accrual and collection,
  • Online payment notification and collection to intermediary companies,
  • Online credit collection from other banks,
  • Early repayment and overdue interest collection,
  • Automatic administrative follow up processes (printing letter of warning and advice, data outflow to intermediaries),
  • Automatic transfer into legal follow up,
  • Automatically calculated vintage and provision transactions

Kartlı Ödeme Sistemleri

(Card Payment Systems)

inter-PayNext has been designed to offer more than just a card payment system.

The new-generation card payment platform of inter-Vision, inter-Paynext was developed by using state-of-the-art technologies to solely address institution’s card payment system needs end-to-end. It is a system that builds many card payment transactions from end user to supplier payments. Fully developed by Intertech, inter-Paynext is a unique system, ahead of its competitors, suiting the Turkish banking industry which is the world leader in innovative finance applications.

Features of Intertech’s New-Generation Card Payment System: inter-PayNext;

  • Developed to be PCI/DSS compatible within the framework of Visa, Mastercard rules
  • Top level data security via tokenization algorithms
  • Supports contact and contactless EMV based credit, debit and prepaid cards along with MIFARE cards and bears HCE features aside of physical use of contactless cards
  • The system is formed of modules that can run independently and offers all processes of the card life cycle with efficient decision and action mechanisms from application phase to card closure
  • Can be easily adapted to requirements of the institutions through  its parametric infrastructure and open architecture
  • Supports various transactions such as sales, cash advance, instalment transactions, refunds, mail order, e-commerce and 3Dsecure
  • ISO 8583 switch, which is included by inter-Paynext, comprises of secure card database that ensures secure keeping of customer card data in addition to merchant management, terminal management and clearance management modules
  • Thanks to innovative merchant payment tools such as virtual POS, collector POS, bulk payment POS, mobile POS and tablet POS, inter-Paynext offers a unique user experience to card holders and merchants
  • Supports various transactions such as giving credit cards, utilization, financialisation, lost-stolen card reporting, limit management and account statement
  • The entire life cycle of a pre-paid card, such as giving pre-paid cards, utilization (authorization), financialisation, lost-stolen card reporting and limit management
  • Encompasses management modules for merchants that accept payment. Merchant application, authorization, information update, financialisation, merchant life cycle are also managed
  • Involves management modules of terminals that accept payment. POS application, update, authorization, online/offline message and parameter management systems and all life cycle is managed
  • Online message forwarding and management to different authorities in scope of national and international payment system standards
  • Automatic management in line with standards supporting BKM, Visa, Mastercard, Bonusnet clearance systems and including the entire clearance and chargeback lifecycle

Skorlama ve Karar Motoru

(Scoring and Decision Engine)

inter-Vision platform’s scoring and decision engine, inter-ScoreCard enhances operation efficiency by automating the calculation process for entities to score their clients and offers an efficient infrastructure for entities. inter-ScoreCard automatically calculates the customer’s risk score and keeps risks and potential losses under control. Developed by Intertech, inter-ScoreCard gains users time and prevents possible losses. With its parametric structure, it allows companies to manage their own scorecards and rules.

Besides the scoring engine, inter-ScoreCard also comprises a flexible decision engine. It automatically decides upon customer information according to the rules set by the user. Notification messages defined by business managers and automatic results enhance the efficiency of the underwriter.

Features of Intertech Scoring and Decision Engine: inter-ScoreCard;

  • Automatic score calculation,
  • Grading segmentation (A,B,C, etc.),
  • Generating warning messages,
  • Decision making (approve, decline, Next Step, etc.),
  • Fully parametric structure,
  • Minimizing risks and enhancing efficiency,
  • Web based, n-tier architecture,
  • Fast and flow-integrated design

Nakit Yönetim Sistemi

(Cash Management System)

inter-Vision platform’s cash management system, inter-CashMan manages collection and payment transactions to reduce operational cost and enhance efficiency. Furthermore, it helps minimize possibility of errors during transactions.

Developed by Intertech, inter-Cashman is a new-generation cash management solution, which is very easy to use. Integrations, changes and improvements can be easily and efficiently done with the interface without requiring additional IT personnel and coding transactions.

Features of Intertech’s Cash Management System: inter-Cashman;

  • Easily manageable system,
  • Easy integration,
  • Logging system to see potential mistakes,
  • Efficient reconciliation with contracted entities,
  • Reconciliation transactions easily done by the relevant operations team instead of IT personnel,
  • Secure communication with relevant entities and institutions,
  • Generating messaging flow,
  • Easy-to-use features
  • User friendly design

Erken Uyarı Sistemi

(Early Warning System)

inter-Vision platform’s early warning system, inter-EarlyWarning automatizes the follow up processes in financial institutions and ensures that lending to risky customers in particular is taken under control, help enhance operational efficiency and reduce financial loss.

Features of Intertech Early Warning System inter-EarlyWarning;

  • Fully automated follow up process,
  • Generating proposals and actions suitable to criteria that change according to underwriting units
  • Generating a notification message when including in watchlist,
  • Reducing operational risk,
  • Taking lending to risky customers under control,
  • Including all credit customers within the watchlist process,
  • Easy access to past detail information of all credit customers,
  • User-friendly design

Demirbaş Satın Alma Yönetim Sistemi

(Fixture Procurement Management System)

inter-Vision platform’s fixture procurement system inter-ERP ensures the management and follow up of many vital functions such as recognition of expense management, finance and fixed assets management, etc.

Developed by Intertech, inter-ERP was designed for businesses that continue their operations by producing goods and services. With the fixture procurement management system inter-ERP, banks and institutions keep less stock since they are able to foresee ambiguities that may impact their vital processes and require less storage area and gain serious advantage financially since their management costs will decrease ordinarily.

Features of Intertech’s Fixture and Procurement Management System: inter-ERP;

  • Controlling supply invoices in line with the determined approval process,
  • Following up fixed assets and keeping valuation transactions under control,
  • Keeping records of all transactions and controlling them retrospectively,
  • Easy handling and reporting of expenditure management and budgeting,
  • Easy reporting to top management,
  • Ready integration with e-invoice,
  • Expenditure management, agreement and lease management, advance management, fixed assets management, budget management,
  • Featuring ESB (Enterprise Service Bus) Parameter Management products

Menkul Kıymet Yönetimi

(Securities Management)

inter-Vision platform’s securities management application, inter-Securities was designed by Intertech for the management of fixed income securities products.
With the securities management application inter-Securities fixed income securities products such as mutual funds, bills, bonds, repo, reverse repo, Eurobond, bank bonds and sukuk are easily manage by the customer and the bank. With end-of-day reports, product and customer profitability, transaction movements and asset statements can be monitored according to the user’s authority level. The system ensures that customer transactions are carried out and customer portfolio is monitored with alternative distribution channel applications such as internet banking, call centre or mobile applications thanks to the services it provides.

Features of Intertech’s Securities Management Application: inter-Securities;

  • Buy, sell and transfer,
  • Redemption and coupon redemption,
  • Tender bid,
  • Reconciliation and end of day transactions,
  • Monitoring product and customer profitability,
  • Instant reporting made to official bodies,
  • Integration of payment systems such as Electronic Securities Transfer System and SWIFT,
  • Integration with Takasbank Electronic Fund Trading Platform,
  • User friendly design and easy-to-use

Faktoring Sistemi

(Factoring System)

inter-Vision platform’s factoring system, inter-Factoring is a web-based application that provides end-to-end management of factoring processes for all types of products and transactions used in the factoring sector, ensures operational entry and reporting and involves an integrated accounting system.
Thanks to inter-Factoring, developed by Intertech, automation has been introduced to cover all processes from defining customers to cheque – bills of exchange intelligence, pricing to credit underwriting, credit lending to collection transactions.

Working in integration with applications developed by Intertech within the inter-Vision infrastructure, inter-Factoring application provides a wide range of reporting infrastructure while offering solutions involving company-specific work flow processes and document management system.

Features of Intertech’s Factoring System: inter-Factoring;

  • Supports domestic factoring, export factoring, import factoring, supplier finance, collection management products and transaction processes,
  • Provides due and future receivable transactions,
  • Various limit definition infrastructure ensuring credit limit allocation for all kinds of limits used in the sector
  • Creating role based individual customer (potential customer, vendor, buyer, etc.) and defining detailed customer information,
  • Ensuring maker/checker functions,
  • Limit and risk controls on transaction screens on customer, drawer and group basis,
  • Customer agreement controls and discrepancy follow up,
  • Accounting infrastructure that is compatible with the BRSA, legal authorities and audit institutions including the recent accounting amendments of the BRSA,
  • Easy integration with official institutions (Credit Bureau, Risk Centre, Revenue Administration, Eximbank),
  • Web service integration with the Central invoice registration system and risk centre,
  • Automatic application sending to Eximbank and monitoring,
  • Carrying out all factoring transactions, intelligence and lending process via managing them on the workflow system (Rota+),
  • Automatic e-invoice and e-Ledger integration,
  • Automatic integration from screens with Edi factoring in export and import factoring transactions,
  • Fast, flexible and customizable report infrastructure,
  • Multiple currency support
  • Multiple language support

Leasing Sistemi

(Leasing System)

inter-Vision platform’s leasing system, inter- Naviga is a web-based application that provides end-to-end management for all types of products and transactions used in the financial leasing sector, ensures operational entry and reporting and involves an integrated accounting system.

Thanks to inter-Naviga, developed by Intertech, it is possible to work covering all operations related to financial leasing including accounting transactions from initial proposal price to credit underwriting, from the agreement to purchasing applications.

Features of Intertech Leasing Product: inter-Naviga;

  • Realizing the processes of credit limit defining for all leasing transactions, limit utilization, purchasing and revision by managing them through workflow system (Rota+)
  • Ensuring maker/checker functions
  • Creating role based individual customer (potential customer, vendor, buyer, etc.) and defining detailed customer information,
  • Limit definition infrastructure enabling limit allocation for customers
  • Accounting infrastructure that is compatible with the BRSA, legal authorities and audit institutions,
  • Easy integration with official institutions (Revenue Administration, Central Registration Agency),
  • Automatic e-invoice and e-Ledger integration
  • Accounting and current integration in operational leasing,
  • Fast, flexible and customizable report infrastructure,
  • Warning messages that can be sent as e-mail or SMS
  • Multiple currency support
  • Multiple language support

Kredi ve Mevduat Fiyatlandırma Uygulaması

(Credit and Deposit Pricing Application)

inter-Vision platform’s credit and deposit pricing application inter-Pricing has been designed to ensure the rapid implementation of pricing strategies developed against fluctuations in the market for various financial products.

Due to richness of criteria that are subject matter of pricing, new criteria can be easily added to inter-Pricing when needed as price differentiation strategies. Besides all of these, credit and deposit pricing application, inter-Pricing, makes sure that product based maximum ratios, which are periodically notified to the Central Bank, are entered. It is not allowed to make any definition and utilization above the maximum ratios entered. All pricing enquiries carried out by the integrated modules are logged with all details. All of the price definitions are activated as they are approved by the relevant units in line with the rules set by the relevant institution. In short, the application ensures that financial institutions comply with legal requirements and rules.

With its advanced authority / approval mechanism, inter-Pricing can manage price requests from branches and portfolio managers that are out of the minimum and maximum caps determined by marketing teams in line with the authorities defined on ratio and amount basis.

Features of Intertech’s Credit and Deposit Pricing Application: inter-Pricing;

  • Taking price definition operations to minimum level along with the functions in the pricing module,
  • Uploading cost/price with Excel,
  • As a result of easy management of the impact of changes in cost on prices, there is no need to enter prices periodically,
  • Associating different products’ prices with one another through margin method,
  • Three layer structure, branch, regional office and head office delegation,
  • Regulating layers based on the financial institution to be integrated with,
  • Special price definition to target audience of campaigns organized by marketing teams,
  • Pricing credit and deposit products according to the customer profile, segment, potential, demographics, income generated for the financial institution by such customer, features of the product that is marketed, location of the branch / regional office where product is sold and product sales channels

Tahsilat Yönetimi Sistemi

(Collection Management System)

inter-Vision platform’s collection management system, inter-Collect eliminates manual processes regarding overdue products of customers who have not yet reached legal follow up phase, informs branches for customers who have overdue products, transfers data to outsource companies via the system, reduces operational risks and makes it possible to carry out reporting soundly.

inter-Collect, the collection management system developed by Intertech, offers solutions as to how and how fast collection processes can be managed along with increasing consumer debts. inter-Collect is not a system based on limited rules, it is rather a system that assumes inputs from a rule engine as optimization process restriction and has models based on data mining.

Features of Intertech Collection Management System: inter-Collect

  • Rule based structure,
  • Customer and product based data model,
  • Taking into consideration many different assessments,
  • Using product and customer based variables in data source when defining scenario,
  • Easy to change customer access method and message contents,
  • Allowing users to change collection strategies directly,
  • Follow up throughout the collection process in all phases and until the legal process ends,
  • Scenario prioritization based on score variable,
  • Variable of waiting period between two actions for scenarios,
  • Scenario definition subject to approval,
  • Scenario definition based on allocation line, scenario group name,
  • Save as function for scenarios,
  • Notifications to customers who have overdue products upon the system in required periods via channels (SMS, e-mail, voice mail, PDA, etc.)
  • Dynamic labels in action templates,
  • Defining privileges to scenario,
  • Defining scenario independent of actions (test & control)
  • Defining calling pool,
  • Defining representatives to the pool,
  • Establishing calling pool – scenario relationship
  • Prioritizing tasks in calling pools,
  • Establishing the same scenario – same customer – same representative relationship,
  • Creating daily dials file,
  • Collection calling screen and dials integration,
  • Customer information monitoring, monitoring overdue product information, monitoring script to be read to customer, next customer – calling customer manually, customer history follow up, receiving collection telephones, monitoring collection telephones on core banking screen, obtaining promise to pay, obtaining appointment, adding special notes and conversation notes,
  • Rendering call result codes active – passive, deciding on the priority ranking in the pool, deciding on last action repeating number, managing the waiting time between two actions,
  • Following up call result codes that are not diverted to representative,
  • Defining scenario and action for customers whose promise to pay day passed or approaches,
  • Including promise to pay in the template contents,
  • Outsource company integration.

Yasal Takip Sistemi

(Legal Follow up System)

inter-Vision platform’s legal follow up system, inter-YasalTakip is an application developed to collect overdue receivables of institutions via legal follow up and administrative follow up before that.

Developed by Intertech, inter-YasalTakip is easily integrated with banks’ own systems or legal follow up process systems that are obliged to execute in different platforms. Legal follow up system inter-YasalTakip increases follow up collections by enhancing attorneys’ and banks’ control over the follow up process and efficiently manages the follow up process and avoids delays in taking risk preventing measures. It also makes it possible to reduce operational costs to a great extent.  With legal follow up system inter-YasalTakip, management of follow up files is more efficiently done with banking integration.

Features of Intertech’s Legal Follow up System inter-YasalTakip;

  • Files are automatically distributed based on the file’s features and performance of the lawyer that fits the features,
  • Actions taken for the file are followed up and collection performance is maximized with rule based automatic file transfers,
  • File is opened by obtaining required customer, guarantor information automatically everyday for the bank’s follow up accounts that are opened
  • Vintage follow up,
  • Translating possible default interest changes and interest rate adjustments into the online file
  • Performance control of protocols, cancellation if required,
  • Closing collected files,
  • Monitoring the cash flow of legal follow up customers upon the account, making automatic collection to prevent collection losses,
  • Automatically preparing fees, advances, counterparty proxy fees processes and legal documents, documents required and UYAP files,
  • Following up intra-system file transfer of fees, advances, counterparty proxy fees processes without waiting for file transfer,
  • Banks and lawyers accessing all information from one single point and taking actions,
  • Obtaining banking and legal follow up information from data centre and meeting the reporting need of lawyers,
  • Parallel reporting, banks and lawyers being able to monitor same reports, follow them up,
  • Ensuring user definitions, authorization management, approval management, system parameters and variables,
  • Opening debtor file, calling, monitoring debtor information, monitoring detailed information, bureau announcements, monitoring follow up information, notes, account statement, communication transactions, collection and collection return transactions,
  • Assigning files to teams manually, parametrically and automatically, assigning simulation, responsible unit, person assignments, team (bureau) management, automatic distribution parameter management transactions,
  • Automatic and manual fee entry regarding fees, proceeding in the flow and accounting, advance closing transactions with fees,
  • Advance entries, proceeding in the flow and accounting transactions easily done,
  • Litigation, hearing, appeal information entries and monitoring screen,
  • Creating and printing new forms upon defined variables and monitoring printed forms,
  • Repayment plan entry, approval and monitoring transactions upon flow,
  • Confiscation information, real estate, vehicle, movables, 89/1, salary details, encumbrances, valuation entries, monitoring and update transactions,
  • Client proxy fee (attorney premium) calculations, accounting and parameter management transactions,
  • Exchange follow up entry, monitoring, update transactions, exchange follow up document, preparing xml, transactions of bill of exchange – collection relations,
  • Provisional attachment entry, proceed approval transactions upon the flow, letters and accounting, commission follow up transactions,
  • Entry of follow up without enforcement, updating transactions, follow up without enforcement document, preparing xml, bulk follow up opening transactions,
  • Mortgage follow up (pledge) entry, monitoring update transactions, mortgage follow up document, xml preparation transactions,
  • Pledge follow up entry, update transactions, pledge follow up document, xml preparation transactions,
  • Vehicle pledge follow up, entry, monitoring, update transactions, vehicle pledge follow up document, xml preparation transactions,
  • Fast communiqué updates on file, execution follow up basis for execution follow-ups, realizing new communiqué printing transactions.
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