Infrastructure Management

Finansal Yazılım Geliştirme Aracı

(Financial Software Development Tool)

Financial software development tool of inter-Vision Platform, inter-DevFrame is an application designed for multilayer and wide-scale web applications in particular in infrastructure management. inter-DevFrame, developed with Microsoft.Net infrastructure by Intertech, has been designed to address the expectations on financial software development.

Features of inter-DevFrame, Financial Software Development Tool of Intertech;

  • Adaptability to new technologies
  • High productivity in development
  • Easy to learn
  • Standardized development approach

Intertech financial software development tool, inter-DevFrame, has two main layers including user interface (UI) and business layer. Thus, it facilitates the development of multi-layered application. User interface (UI) layer has integrated UI controls and screen management sections while the business layer is consist of screen profile, caching, logging, exception processing, monitoring, data access, language of expression, general parameters, multi-language and configuration section.
Intertech’s financial software development tool provides its user with countless advantages:

  • Quick development
  • Transaction management
  • Parametric accounting rules
  • Parametric verification, users have been described across all layers, which does not require coding
  • Parametric user authorization
  • Financial components such as account, customer, expenses etc., are ready for use
  • It guarantees the quality of applications,
  • Transaction management, transaction cycle management are done automatically
  • Exception processing from a single point
  • Common components, developers are only concerned with special tasks

Versiyon Yönetim Aracı

(Version Management Tool)

Deployment of an application has never been easier. inter-Beamer is application deployment tool that is fully compatible with Cobit standards and IT processes.
A version management tool produced by InterTech, inter-Beamer, minimizes the intervention requirement by an IT department during deployment operations thanks to its user-friendly interface. Thanks to strong logging and undoing mechanisms, monitoring of all details on the transactions and references and traces regarding the deployment is very easy.

Features of Intertech Version Management Tool inter-Beamer:

  • Work flow structure fully compatible with Cobit
  • SMS Approval system
  • DB and .Net object shifts and script deployments
  • MS SQL, Oracle and Sybase database deployments
  • Database object monitoring
  • Ability to compare different environments
  • Strong parametric structure
  • Easy to define new environments
  • Integrated with service management systems
  • Email and SMS notifications for deployment and approval processes
  • Log records on the history and approval processes
  • Environment management and follow-up
  • Approval facility as a package with single or multiple developed approval option

Yetki Yönetim Sistemi

(Identity Management System)

inter-IMS is the “user identity management system” of inter-Vision platform. Working integrated with human resources and windows Active Directory in line with the principles of Single-Sign-On, it easily carries out the authorization procedure for employees according to their roles, positions and job definitions without needing an intervention by IT departments.

Features of Intertech Identity Management System;

  • It is reliable. It reflects the windows security policies of the company to application level.
  • User management and user authorization by integrating human resources software package.
  • It does not require operational intervention.
  • With a single login feature, it is possible to access multiple applications and a system without needing to enter an additional user code and password.
  • It eliminates the need to keep, manage and use a secondary password.
  • With its open web-based architecture, it is easy to integrate through web services.
  • It provides the creation of a new user, updating of the user information and integration of the user with AD (Active Directory), Exchange and Lync application through its compatible infrastructure management.
  • With its Exchange Server integration, it executes tasks such as creating an Email address, Skype for Business address etc.
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