February 7, 2018

(Social Security Distraint Management System)

The Social Security Distraint Management System of the inter-Vision platform is an application, which enables e-Distraint packages to flow in an electronic environment according to the technical structures and standards defined in Social Security Institution (SGK) protocol. By using this Social Security Distraint Management System developed by Intertech, received and sent e-Distraint packages and their contents are traced in a detailed interface and can easily be filtered by criteria such as distraint request number, package type, SGK code, ID type, name, surname and birthday. inter-SGK is a solution for the rights and assets of the Social Security Institution, for replying to and searching the Distraint communiqués from the Social Security Institution to the banks which are part of the system, by a protocol in an electronic environment. It provides an opportunity to create, to sign and to send the request packages via web services according to the standards determined by the institution.

Features of Intertech Social Security Distraint Management System: inter-SGK

  • Multiple Distraint communiqués in minutes
  • Full integration with Inter-Vision Core Banking system,
  • Enable to send detailed feedback to the user via notification E-mails regarding sent and received packages,
  • Minimizing operational errors,
  • User-friendly design,
  • Easy to use tracing tools.
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