Our Policies

Our Information Security and Protection of Personal Data Policy:

• To manage information assets, to determine the security values, needs and risks of assets and to develop and apply the controls against security risks

• To define information assets, values, security needs, security gaps, the threats against assets and to define the framework that will be determined by the methods to obtain the frequency of the threats
•To define the framework toward the effects of threats on the assessment of confidentiality, integrity and availability on assets
•To assert the working basics to process the risks
•To continuously monitor for risks by scanning the technological expectations in the context of the service provided
• To provide the information security needs sourced from the national and sector related regulations, meeting the laws and related legislations, meeting liabilities related to agreements, institutional responsibilities toward the domestic and overseas stakeholders.
• To contribute to the business/service continuity and sustainability by decreasing the effects of information security threats
•  To provide the competency to minimize the effects of incidents and to thwart possible information security incidents efficiently and rapidly
• To preserve and maintain the information security level in due course with a cost-efficient control infrastructure
• To progress the organization reputation and to protect the organization against the negative effects sourced from the information security failures

Our Service Management Policies:

• To fulfill conditions determined by legal obligations and guaranteed for our customers in our agreements,
• To reach the highest level of standard in the service process,
• To increase the service quality by continuously improving the processes,
• To determine and nominate the responsible persons for the service,
• To provide the participation of all personnel into the Service Management System and to increase the level of awareness,
• To provide continuous support and control to Service Management System, including management staff
• To prepare service management plan and make sure it is kept up to date.

Our Business Continuity Policies:

• To prevent disruptions in order to protect services from threats such as environmental causes, hardware failures, operational errors, malicious code attacks and natural disasters,
• To keep the impact on services at the lowest level,
• To determine the processes that will minimize the recovery efforts, and to protect the service quality in the shortest possible time,
• To react rapidly in order to prevent minor issues escalating to a more severe level,
• To provide continuity of data integrity and the restarting of services efficiently in order to recover the most critical services in the first place for the purpose of reverting and recovering priorities,
• To examine the lessons learnt from incidents by analyzing them and therefore to be in a continuous development process to provide a better preparedness against incidents and disruptions.

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