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We, as Intertech Bilgi İşlem ve Pazarlama Ticaret A.Ş (“Intertech”), by taking the security of our valuable customers into consideration, would like to inform you about “the Law on Protection of Personal Data” introduced to protect the privacy of personal life, fundamental rights and freedoms.

Our objective, for customer satisfaction purposes, is to provide the most transparent information regarding how your personal data is obtained, processing purposes of this kind of data, its legal and your rights.As our customer, in the case of sharing your personal data in order to use our service and products, according to the Turkish Law on Protection of Personal Data No. 6698 which came into effect on 7th of April, 2016, Intertech Bilgi İşlem ve Pazarlama Ticaret A.Ş, as Data Controller, within the scope of the law, may obtain, record, file, protect, update personal data to continue its services and may change, reorganize, and disclose, transfer, share, classify, make anonymous data for third parties to the extent permitted by legislation as prescribed in the law.

The purpose and legal reasons of processing your personal data is regulated mainly by the Legislation Regarding the Procedures and Principles of the Registered Electronic Post System (‘KEP Legislation’), prepared based on Turkish Code of Commercial No. 6102, Article 1525 published and came into effect in the Official Gazette No. 28036 on 25th of August, 2011, updated Tax Procedure Law General Communiqué Item No 397 (‘VUK Communiqué Item’) and Electronic Ledger General Communiqué (Item No. 1 and Item No.2) (‘E-LEdger General Communiqué’), in the context of the Registered Electronic Post, e-invoice and e-ledger legislation and other related legislations, include to provide service, to execute, to improve and to carry out the related operations to be used in these operations, to register the information regarding all work and operations done, to regulate the information and documents to form a basis for the work and operation that will be on paper or in an electronic format, to carry out the promotion, marketing and campaign tasks for these services and products, to do necessary actions for agreements/covenants that we/you placed in contracts; application, ID detection and confirmation, to open the account for use, to do the operations regarding to system such as registration to KEP directory, extension, confirmation, updating and querying, to ease the accounts usage, to provide a healthy usage of services, to provide personalized services, to use the services, to communicate with user regarding to sending notices, answers, questions, information related to the providing products and services, to process the user demands and questions, to carry out the intelligence and data research and credibility assessments, to measure and to improve the service quality, to carry out the planning, statistics and customer satisfaction studies, to provide the security, within this line, due to security applications in the workplace; in case our Company buildings are visited, to record the camera footage, process the ID data to track visitor entries/exits, keep the logs in case of using internet access during the visit, to adapt to the domestic and international legislation, to comply with preserving, reporting, notifying liabilities of BTK, BDDK, TCMB, SPK, MASAK, TBB, GİB, Secretariat of Treasury and other authorized bodies and to provide these services uninterrupted.

Method for Collecting Personal Data: Your personal data will be collected automatically or semi-automatically or manually such as written, verbal or in an electronic format through our company directly or through Intertech Head Office, Intertech website and/or other similar channels or related parties of our company (our main shareholder DenizBank A.S. HQ units, branches, ATMs, kiosks, internet branch and call center and/or other similar channels, our domestic/overseas partners, subsidiaries, related parties of our main shareholder) or through third parties including natural and/or legal persons that our company get service or provide service, and through the contracted institutions and support services that Intertech gave the authority to sign.

For the purposes stated above, your personal data that may be transferred to persons/institutions: your personal data may be shared within the group of companies including Intertech and Intertech’s main shareholder Bank, Intertech and the Bank’s shareholders and its subsidiaries, the Bank’s main shareholder and its subsidiaries, company employees, officers, legal, financial and tax consultants, auditors, consultants, institutions, parties that the Bank collaborates with to complete or to extend the services and support service institutions and contracted organizations, authorized public institutions such as BTK, BDDK, SPK, TCMB, MASAK, TBB, KOSGEB, GİB, Secretariat of Treasury, SGK; ministries, authorized public bodies such as judicial bodies; correspondent banks and domestic/overseas financial institutions and domestic/overseas merchants if necessary; the conditions sourced from mainly VUK General Communiqué and E-Ledger General Communiqué regulations that are related to the services and products of KEP, E-Invoice and E-Ledger KEP Legislation, and persons, institutions and bodies that legislation including Article 73/4 of Banking Law permits third parties that you explicitly give consent to.

Your rights in accordance with Article 11 of Law; By applying to our company, you have the right to a) learn whether your personal data was processed, b) request information about whether your personal data was processed, c) learn the purpose of your personal data processing and whether it was properly used, d) learn domestic and overseas third parties that your personal data was transferred to e) ask for corrections if your personal data is wrong or missing, f) ask the erasing or termination of your personal data under the context of the Article 7 of Law, g) request the third parties to be notified about the personal data transfers done according to paragraphs (e) and (f) mentioned above, h) object to any situation against your favor as a result of your personal data being analyzed by exclusively automated systems, and i) claim compensation for loss resulting from your personal data being processed illegally and against the law.

Execution of your rights was made possible after the regulation came into effect on 07.10.2016 and our rights are reserved to request costs to be incurred by our company regarding your request according to the Article 13 under Law on KVKK entitled “Applying to Data Controller.

Conditions that don’t require consent, regarding paragraph 2 of Article 5 in the Protection of Personal Data Law No. 6698, provided that it is clearly mentioned by law and directly linked to the establishment or execution of an agreement; in cases when personal data belonging to the agreement parties need to be processed, Data Controller Intertech is obliged to fulfill this legal obligation, if it is made explicitly by the related person, data processing is obligatory to establish, to use or to protect a right, data processing is obligatory for the legal benefits of Intertech as Data Controller to not harm fundamental rights and freedoms of the related person and exemptions given in legal regulations, Intertech reserves the right to process the personal data without receiving explicit consent.Published or publicly disclosed or given in official registries or balance sheets and activity reports and to fulfill legal obligations resulting from legislation according to the clarity principle in Laws, or in order to fulfill the Data that is obliged to be disclosed to the public according to Law and/or data disclosure, the usage and transfers are not subject to confidentiality obligation of Intertech in order to fulfill data transfer obligation to persons who may request privacies due to legal reasons and/or Laws, and Intertech is authorized to disclose and give to the related persons, to process and transfer mentioned data without a need for a of letter of consent.

Our Confidentiality Obligation as Set out in Law; according to the legislation that our products and services are subject to, it is a legal obligation to keep your information and documents for a certain time determined by related legislation. After the end of the legally said time your data may be made anonymous in line with the legal benefits of Intertech to conduct analyses and assessments including risk analysis to improve and make our services more secure. Your personal data not mentioned in the above context shall be deleted upon your request.

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