Software Development

February 6, 2018

In today’s competitive market conditions inter-Vision provides a banking environment to analyze and provide fast access for new business opportunities so that customers can maintain and improve their brand value.

The next generation inter-Vision is a web based banking platform that guarantees measurable solutions rapidly and targets the most developed IT infrastructure solutions based on a service-oriented structure. As a result of sector trends, analyzes and business requirements, Intertech developed inter-Vision with more than 20 supplementary products in 5 product packages.

You can reach inter-Vision supplementary products from here:

inter-Vision’s approach to business processes is customer oriented and extends the principle of swiftness in all levels of organization combined with low training costs. It brings speed to the market by providing a parametric and flexible product design.
inter-Vision that targets sustained development and is the first and the only one hundred percent domestic banking platform addressing all areas of banking and financial institutions. All distribution channels can easily be integrated into a platform that involves analytical banking.

Prominent Features of inter-Vision are: 

  • Single Sign on,
  • Web Based Banking Portal,
  • Cross-Channel Usage,
  • 360° CRM,
  • Channel Integrated Campaign Management,
  • Powerful Business Process Management,
  • Flexible Product Management,
  • Advanced Reporting Tool,
  • United Performance Management,
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