E-State Services


(Electronic Invoice Application)

inter-Invoice, developed by Intertech, is a general name for the applications which provide invoice operations by a central and electronic platform that is designed to be fully-compatible with the standards of T.C. Ministry of Finance  Revenue Administration.

The institutions that use inter-Invoice have the opportunity to make a significant amount of saving by reducing their costs via a safe and healthy flow in a digital environment between the parties.

Features of Intertech Electronic Invoice Application inter-Invoice:
  • Operation of creating, sending and receiving processes of basic and commercial e-Invoice,
  • e-Invoice flow suitable for UBL-TR invoice,
  • Ensure the permanency of created e-Invoice by signing with a financial seal,
  • Enables sending signed e-Invoice to GIB servers,
  • Archives sent and received e-Invoice in an electronic environment during the legal preservation period,
  • Access to the application by using the internet via cloud based solution,
  • Fast integration of various accounting applications with service-oriented architecture,
  • Provides the listing and reporting of e-Invoices,
  • User-friendly interface,
  • Creates confirmation flows on the application by rule definitions,
  • Decreases print, postage, filing and other operational costs,
  • Keeps the invoice information secure,
  • Automates the invoice sending and receiving processes,
  • Provides the supervising of sent and received invoices between buyer and seller.
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